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How will a bankruptcy filing benefit me? Bankruptcy filings stops wage garnishments, home foreclosures, vehicle repossessions, bank levies, and creditor phone calls.  People that need really relief from these actions need to call the Henshaw Law Office today at (408) 533-1075.

What documents should I bring with me? Unlike a lot of bankruptcy law firms, we do not require that you fill out long questionnaires.  We work with you directly to fill out all the bankruptcy forms by sitting with you and asking the correct questions. For those filing a Chapter 13 or a Chapter 7 bankruptcy case, the key documents that we need are (a) Your last two (2) years of tax returns, (b) pay stubs for the last sixty (60) days, and a list of debts that would not show up on a credit report (taxes, medical bills, pay day loans, etc.).

What is the cost of the bankruptcy? In Chapter 7 cases, the fees are dependent on a number of factors.  The filing fee in a Chapter 7 case is $335.  In some cases, individuals and couples can apply and receive a waiver of the filing fee.  These instances are rare and reserved for only those making low incomes.  The attorney fee in a Chapter 7 case starts at $699.  In Chapter 13 cases, the majority of the attorney fee is paid through a structured monthly plan.  The filing fee in Chapter 13 is $310.

How soon can I file for bankruptcy? In most cases, we can file for individuals and couples within the same day if necessary.  One key thing that we need prior to filing is a certificate that those that are looking to file for bankruptcy have completed a credit counseling course.  This is a course that can be taken online for approximately $25.  The course takes about one hour to complete.  We will then fill out the paperwork for the filing together and review each page to make sure everything is accurate.


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