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Bankruptcy & Wage Garnishments

GarnishmentBankruptcy stops wage garnishments immediately.  The filing of a bankruptcy stops creditors from taking income out of your paycheck.  If you are currently in a situation where a creditor is doing this, you know that it can be not only harmful to your standard of living, but also may be extremely embarrassing.

A wage garnishment comes from either a judgment after a lawsuit from a creditor, or from a taxing agency, such as the IRS or Franchise Tax Board.  The creditor, through the County Sheriff, takes a portion of your net income (usually 25%) every pay period.  This lasts until the debt is paid in full, or something stops the garnishment.

The automatic stay of the bankruptcy is one way to stop the garnishment.  Additionally, the bankruptcy has the ability to potentially completely eliminate, also known as discharge, the debt.

If you currently have a wage garnishment, or have been threatened with one, contact the Henshaw Law Office today.